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We are coming upon the due date for the video announcement audition video’s to be in. If you are not familiar with what is going on, we looking for two talented individuals to research and deliver our church news on sunday mornings. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested in journalism to gain some experience and to utilize your passion through ministry. To take away some of the pressure, you will not need to worry about video production. We have a team that takes care of the video production. Those of you who are interested, your main concern will be to find the announcements that need to be made, figure out how to effectively deliver them and then deliver them in front of a camera. 

If you are interested, we need to get footage from you. We have a #letlovetalk event coming up called Operation Christmas Child. I would like for those of you who are interested to do some research on this topic, and simply shoot a professional, informational, yet upbeat announcement. Again, don’t worry about the video quality, what we are looking for is your performance in front of a camera. We are not looking for dramatization, we are looking for news delivery. To shoot this video simply record yourself with a video recording device (this can be a flip mino, phone, tablet, camera..etc) and get that to the av department. If you would like to email it, or have questions, my email is, or just get a physical copy to me, Verlin Miller, you can drop that video off at the church with my name on it, or get it to me on sunday.

Thank you for your participation, and I hope everyone involved has a lot of fun with this!

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